Welcome to newest Dane DeHaan fansite: Dane-DeHaan.org

welcome to Dane DeHaan fansite

Hello and welcome to brand new fansite Dane DeHaan Daily (Dane-DeHaan.org) dedicated to a gifted actor Dane DeHaan. This fansite is a tribute to Dane, and its main aim is to appreciate the talent of this outstanding and amazing actor.

I truly hope that with time this website will be able to grow into a large fanbase with the help of you, our visitors. Please enjoy your stay and make sure to check out all our sections. Don’t forget to take a look at our photo gallery that currently has over 5K of HIGH QUALITY UNTAGGED and UNRESIZED images of mr. Dane, and it is still being updated.

Don’t hesitate to contact the website’s creator if you feel like you have any questions and/or requests. Hopefully you will like Dane DeHaan Daily and will come back soon. Spread the world about the website! Also don’t forget to FOLLOW US on TWITTER and TUMBLR.