December 2014

Exclusive: Dane DeHaan unseen outtakes from 2012 TIFF photoshoot

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from!

I would like to wish all Dane DeHaan fans a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you have great holidays and spend this precious and truly magical time with your family, friends and all people that are special to you.

I would also love to thank all of the website’s visitors and my special friends from Dane’s fandom. Without you this site definitely wouldn’t exist. I can say that 2014 was a great year for me: I discovered Dane, started this website as my small appreciation to his talent, and met truly amazing and wonderful people. I can say that everyone in Dane’s fandom is truly special. You guys became my real family and my friends. So thanks again to all of you for supporting me, this website and Dane. You all (together with Dane of course) inspire me and make me work harder on this website.

As a Xmas and New Year’s gift I would like to share amazing and beautiful outtakes from Dane’s 2012 Toronto International Film Festival photoshoot outtakes. I hope you enjoy this small gift from me. Trust me, it’s the least I can do for all you lovely people. Thanks for your love and support! xoxo, Tania

Dane DeHaan in new Imagine Dragons “I Bet My Life”

Finally the wait is over. You can watch Dane in Imagine Dragons new music video “I Bet My Life” below.

And thanks to amazing Samantha I added 646 HQ screencaptures to our gallery. You can check them below. And once again, everyone please watch the video. Not only Dane looks absolutely amazing, but it’s also a very unique and enjoyable music video.

Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza - exclusive "Life After Beth" promotional photoshoot HQ outtakes

Happy Birthday to’s owner Tania

Hi guys! Today me, the owner and webmiss of, Tania celebrate my 25th birtday. I just want to say thanks to all my visitors and Dane’s fans for constantly supporting me and my work on this website. I am so lucky to be a part of this beautiful fandom and be able to appreciate Dane’s talent and beauty with every one of you. :) Thank you all for your congratulations and kind words. I can’t even express how much it all means to me. As promised, I also have something to share with you on my special day. These are unseen cute outtakes of Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza for their Life After Beth promotional photoshoot. Hope you like them:

Dane DeHaan as James Dean in "Life" (2015) - exclusive biography from LIFE production notes

VIDEO + screencaptures: Dane DeHaan as James Dean in “Life” (from Anton Corbijn – Shooting Stars)

Amazing present for all Dane DeHaan fans. We now have an awesome chance to see snippets of Dane DeHaan as James Dean in “Life” from German program Anton Corbijn – Shooting Stars. Unfortunately the documentary is in German, but still it’s exciting to finally see Dane in action. You can watch the Life snippet below:

Dane DeHaan as James Dean in “Life”

Make sure to check screencaptures in our gallery as well:

And I have also uploaded the rip (Life part) for all Dane fans to download as well. Please credit when reposting the download link on your sites and blogs. I will replace the link with a better (nearly HQ) quality version later, so keep checking back! The download link has been replaced with 1280p rip: