Anton Corbijn mentions Dane DeHaan in his latest INDIEWIRE interview

Dane DeHaan as James Dean in Life
In his latest interview with IndieWire Anton Corbijn mentions many things: Philip Seymour Hoffman, his career, ‘Life‘, and Dane as well. You can read an entire interview here. And below we have a Dane-related part:

In “Life,” Dane DeHaan will be playing James Dean. How difficult was it to cast someone in that role?
It was difficult. Also I think for the actors it’s very difficult to step in his shoes. But Dane DeHaan plays it well. He’s a tremendous actor. I don’t think he wanted to do it initially. He wouldn’t take a meeting with me because he didn’t want to be persuaded. But luckily he came to me and he was persuaded. He’s amazing.

He’s great in “Kill Your Darlings.”
Yeah, and “Place Beyond the Pines.” I haven’t seen “Spider-Man [2].” “Lawless” I have seen. And he’s in “Devil’s Knot” and “Life After Beth.” I haven’t seen that. I was in Sundance but I didn’t manage to see a single film.