Dane DeHaan 'Life' UK Gala Screening + paparazzi HQs from Berlin, Germany

HQ photos: Dane DeHaan attends ‘Life’ UK Gala Screening with Anton Corbijn (+ new old paparazzi photos from Germany)

Lately we’ve been definitely blessed with new Dane material: videos, photos, interviews, articles. Today was not an exception: Dane attended the ‘Life‘ UK Gala Screening at Soho Hotel on September 23, 2015 in London, England with the director Anton Corbijn. We weren’t expecting him to appear there, but the unexpected is even more exciting. Check out the HQ images in our gallery below:

And another unexpected surprise: old paparazzi HQ shots of Dane from summer: he was captured arriving in Berlin Tegel airport TXL in Berlin, Germany on June 19. This probably happened during A Cure for Wellness shooting. Taking into consideration how rarely we get Dane “out and about” material, these photos are definitely a treat for eyes :)

EDIT: Watch interview with Dane & Anton on red carpet of Life – Gala Screening in UK:

EXCLUSIVE: translated interview of Dane DeHaan for Vanity Fair Italy (2015)

2015 – Vanity Fair (Italy)

Thanks to my friend Stefano we have an exclusive translation on an interview that Dane had with Vanity Fair Italy (+ a small article about James Dean & an interview with italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi). Make sure to check it below, it’s a really nice read: Dane talks about LIFE, James Dean, acting and his relationship with Anna Wood


Since forever, he thinks he’s one of the greatest and in college he watched all his movies. However, Dane DeHaan never imagined he was going to be asked to play the role of James Dean on the big screen. But then he thought about it, did some research about the person he needed to bring back to life and he found out several things. So he accepted to take part to Life.

James Dean did not attend the premiere of East of Eden. They were all waiting for him to appear on the red carpet but he bailed out. This is one of the scenes in Life. It’s not just a biographical movie, considering that it also tells us about Dean through his relationship with photographer Dennis Stock, who wants to create a photo shoot for Life about that young actor destined to become a myth. In the movie, Dane DeHaan plays Dean. He is a teenager, no beard, delicate and frail, and he looks much younger than Dean, although he died at the age of 24 and Dane is 29 at the moment. However there is no lack of determination, and contrary to his colleagues, he’s still humble and can take things ironically. He laughs a lot and not to please someone else. He’s just enjoying it. For example he starts laughing when I ask him if he ever did the same by not showing up on a red carpet or if he ever thought about not doing it.

“At the premiere of Lawless at Cannes Festival, no one invited me because all other actors were more popular than me. However my agent bought me some tickets and I decided I was going to sleep on the producer’s couch. At that point they could only find me a place on the red carpet. So as you can see I don’t bail out, I’m more a barge in kind of guy.”

What was your opinion on James Dean before the movie?

He’s one of my favourite actors since when I watched his movies in college. It’s exciting to see someone acting like he did. Today it’s still what some people are trying to do: to fully immerge yourself into that character physically and emotionally, to do instead of pretending. It’s just that he was the first to do so.

How did you get the role?

They asked me to film a video. But I felt like I couldn’t do it so I said no. They contacted me again: “are you sure?”. I rejected the proposal again. But then the producer explained to me that it was not going to be a biographical movie and that it was about how he went from being an ordinary person to an idol. So I realized that I was afraid: I always wanted difficult roles that could challenge myself and now that the chance has come I tried to escape. After accepting, I had 4 months to prepare myself, and when I got on the set there was no time to be afraid anymore. I did everything I could, and if I had failed I wouldn’t have been able to complain about not trying hard enough.

What did you find out about him?

While doing my research, I realized that the 75% of what people told me was wrong. For example, many of them think that he used to put cigarettes out on his skin. Actually, he used to paint people doing that, but if you look at his shirtless photos, you can’t find any sign on his skin. They invented a myth of a crazy masochist.

The rebel image is actually true or just another false myth?

That picture of James Dean in Times Square under the rain with a cigarette in his mouth became an entire generation’s symbol. Maybe it would have never happened if he hadn’t die before he could actually tell who he was for real and if he actually felt like he was being represented by that image. I’m not saying he’s not a rebel, but he was more than that. To me, Dean was an artist that didn’t accept to compromise. He believed he felt like he needed to screw the world before the world screwed him. He worked hard to get into the Actors Studio. He succeeded. His third lecture was a monologue and Lee Strasberg destroyed him. He never came back: he couldn’t accept the fact that his talent was not being recognized properly.

And what kind of a person are you?

Responsible, very educated. In school, I used to have high grades.

Have you always wanted to be an actor?

Yes, since I was a little kid. At the age of 4 I started attending theatre courses. In high school I used to sleep on the desk to rehearse for the school’s show. I used quickly eat at a fast food and then I was away to meet up with another group of actors. In college I studied acting: at that point I wanted it to become my job.

It’s weird that you did not start working as an actor since you were a kid.

I just wanted to act, but I didn’t care about money. My parents gave me everything, I just had to pay for myself once I finished my studies. But if I could study as an actor without having to take care of the money, I would definitely do it for the rest of my life.

Unlike other actors who went to Los Angeles, you moved to NYC with Anna Wood, who you married later.

We met at the university of North Carolina, she was studying acting as well. Once we were done with the studies, we moved in together. I was lucky: I started to work right away, I was not earning that much, but was enough to pay my rent. I also lived in LA for two years and half and it helped me a lot with my career. But I feel like at home in Brooklyn. I don’t want to talk about work during my free time, it makes me go insane those who talk about what they are doing all the time. And in LA they are all like that.

What do you prefer to do?

I’d prefer to take my dog for a walk, to watch a movie, play golf, which is somehow a way to meditate for me: it frees my mind. Which not many people find exciting. This is who I am. If they say that a show is boring, I will probably love it. I also have an estate property and I enjoy cutting wood. But most of all, I try to spend as much time as I can with my wife.

She’s an actress as well.

It’s nice to come back and have someone who can confront you and who understands what you’re talking about. It’s hard to be an actor. Those who don’t work in this environment don’t understand. And someone would hardly accept that their partner has to work abroad for 2 months straight.

There is a problem when one comes back and the other one has to go. Isn’t it?

It’s hard to make each other’s schedule match sometimes. And because it’s very complicated, we are super happy when we get to spend time together. After all it’s pretty much the same thing that you can see in the movie when James Dean comes back home in Indiana. He knows he won’t get the same chance anytime soon, but he also knows that he has to live far from there to make his dream come true.

You got married in such a young age. May I ask you why?
I fell in love. In high school I was sure that it was never going to happen, I never met any girl who I liked so much to the point of marrying her, I didn’t know if love even existed. But then, 2 years later, I met her and I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

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WATCH/DOWNLOAD: 5 new “LIFE” clips featuring Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson (German-dubbed)

I am happy to bring yet another exclusive from you can now watch (and download) 5 new LIFE clips in HD quality. Unfortunately, they are German-dubbed again, but since the quality is amazing, they are good for all gif-makers out there. And even with no sound we can enjoy and appreciate great acting from Dane and Rob. When re-posting on your websites and blogs, please don’t forget to credit me :)

Also if you are in Germany, then don’t forget to go and see LIFE in your local cinemas. The premiere in Germany is on September 24th.

Dane DeHaan in Télérama 2015 magazine - HQ photos

Scans from french magazines: Dane featured in Télérama & Les Inrocks

Looks like France is showing some love for Dane, which makes me totally happy. Since his visit to Deauville festival he was featured in two french magazines: Télérama & Les Inrocks

Thanks to our friends at Robert Pattinson Life (and especially Verena who was kind to do the scans) we have HQ scans from Les Inrocks with pages that feature Dane. For full magazine feature please head over to their website

I have also added large quality scans from Télérama magazine, which will be replaced with hires versions by tomorrow’s evening. We were all pretty excited about this issue, since Dane is on the cover. But unfortunately looks like there is only Anton Corbijn interview, and the magazine had Dane’s name mentioned only briefly. There are no more photos from the shoot, but there is a colored version of the poster for LIFE.

Make sure to check the scans below. I’ll try to get more photos from the cover shoot, as it looks totally cute, and I am burning from my desire to see more :)

P.S. to watch the interview that Dane did for Télérama magazine check their website HERE

Dane DeHaan as James Dean in LIFE (2015)

2015: FilmInk Star Quality – Dane DeHaan

Gifted young actor, Dane DeHaan, overcame his fear to essay one of his biggest screen idols, James Dean, in the moving new drama, ‘Life’.

When Dane DeHaan was doing his time at drama school, James Dean was an icon for the young actor. “I know that for my friends who I went to college with, at an acting conservatory, those dudes were everything,” he reveals. “James Dean, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman… their movies were the ones we watched, and referenced and we wanted to act like them. It was a huge inspiration.”

That immense respect for James Dean meant that when DeHaan was asked to step into the shoes of his icon for Anton Corbijn’s Life, his first reaction was to back away. “I was unbelievably nervous,” the actor says. “I was really afraid of it. I said no to the movie about five times until I eventually realised that I was operating out of fear. All these times, I sit in interviews and say, ‘I want to do the most challenging things, I want to do the thing that seems impossible and is going to scare me the most’. Then when the thing that scares me the most is presented, I’m running away. If I really do want to challenge myself the most, then I need to practice what I preach.”

What also aided DeHaan – who broke out with his impressive performance in the sci-fi thrillerChronicle, and has since proven his talent in such acclaimed dramas as The Place Beyond The Pines, Kill Your Darlings and Lawless – was meeting with Life’s producer, Iain Canning. “He said that it’s a film about how a normal person can be turned into an icon more than it’s a biopic on James Dean,” the actor recalls. “He also brought my attention to the fact that a lot of young people don’t know who James Dean is, which to me is a travesty. If they can watch this film and then go off and watch James Dean films, then mission accomplished. East Of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause are movies that are made for people who are probably younger than me. They would still speak to the younger generation.”

Rather than a conventional biopic on James Dean, Life documents the friendship between the film star and his photographer, Dennis Stock, who shot a series of photos of the actor for Lifemagazine in 1955, which have since earned their place in pop culture history. These iconic photos proved crucial to unlocking the legendary actor for DeHaan. “There’s a lot of them, and they’re all something different,” he says about the collection of photos. “Certainly, the Times Square photo is the most iconic. It’s the one where he looks the most like the persona that has preceded him – he looks cool, doesn’t care that it’s raining on him, just smoking a cigarette. But then I remember the first time I saw one where he has his feet up on a desk and glasses on and he’s reading a book. It really changed my perspective of him because he looks nerdy and intellectual. There’s a really beautiful one of him where he’s sitting on the stage of his high school auditorium. It’s a really powerful image that reflects what the movie is about – going back home and wishing that you could maintain a part of that life but it being empty to him.”

In a sly casting twist, Robert Pattinson, who launched to superstardom with the Twilight films, plays the photographer, while it’s DeHaan essaying the famous actor. “It was interesting. It was a lot like the relationship between Dennis and Jimmy in the movie,” the actor says of his relationship with Pattinson. “We’re both artists, we’re both actors, and I have a lot of respect for him. As a person he’s a really nice guy. But we do go about things in different ways. As we were working on the film, we got to watch another artist do something in a different way but still succeed at it.” DeHaan also admires his co-star’s career choices post-Twilight. “It’s a great gift to be a part of a franchise like that. I’m sure it can be tough going through it, but now that he’s done with it, the choices that he’s making are very impressive and I really commend him for it.”

While not quite on the same level of popularity as Twilight, DeHaan experienced his own brush with the studio franchise when he starred in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which has since been shelved in favour of yet another reboot of the series. “They’re not consulting with me on these big decisions,” the actor says of the studio behind the franchise. “It’s a tangled web over there, but hopefully they untangle it and they’re happy with whatever decision they make. But I’m grateful to have had the experience, and I had a blast making that movie. If I don’t make another one, I’ll always be grateful for the experience because it’s also provided me with a lot more opportunity.”

Those opportunities only look set to continue for the promising young actor who reveals that he doesn’t struggle with the pressure of fame in the same way that James Dean did. “It doesn’t beat me up in the way that it beat him up,” DeHaan reflects. “I do think it’s interesting that people really want to categorise actors into one thing or another. My goal is to be seen as an actor who can do a lot of things, and not a person who only does one specific thing. It’s a tough thing to accomplish, but easier than it would have been in his day.”

Life is released in cinemas on September 10.

This interview was first published in the September/October 2015 issue of FilmInk. 

Source: FilmINK

Watch “LIFE” B-roll with Dane DeHaan & Robert Pattinson + new clips from LIFE [HQ]

Hey guys. is happy to bring and EXCLUSIVE video for you all: B-Roll from “LIFE“. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to re-post on your websites and blogs, but don’t forget to credit me. :)

EDIT: I’ve also added two new clips from Life: a scene of James Dean and Dennis Stock visiting the farm: Dennis is taking photos of Jimmy + a scene between Jimmy and Jack Warner. The quality of both videos is very nice, but unfortunately it is german-dubbed.

Watch Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan re-create an Iconic James Dean Moment

Paying a famous person on film is a big enough challenge as it is. But how about re-creating one of the most iconic photographs of that person? In the exclusive clip above from Life, Robert Pattinson—playing Life photographer Dennis Stock—trails James Dean (Dane DeHaan) to take what would be one of the defining images of the actor, his high collar protecting him from the splattering rain in Times Square.

Life comes from director Anton Corbijn (Control, A Most Wanted Man), documenting the time that Dean and Stock spent together, just before Dean became famous. In a statement, Corbijn called his work with Pattinson and DeHaan a “tremendous experience”:

“I cannot wait for the story of Dennis Stock and James Dean, which is at the center of LIFE, to come to an American audience, as it played a part in the permanent cultural changes of the last century within American society and beyond. It was a tremendous experience to work with Rob Pattinson and Dane DeHaan in bringing this story to life, no pun intended, and I’d like to thank Cinedigm for spreading the word, and the visuals.”

Life arrives in select U.S. theaters on December 4.

Source: VanityFair

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