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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: NYC Premiere

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 live NYC premiere

The moment we all have been waiting for finally happened! “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” premiered in New York on Thursday, April 24th. Of course we have various of HQ photos of Dane and Anna from the premiere, as well as from after-party. Make sure to check the albums below, and come back for more, as we are going to add many of the photos!

*EDIT* Thanks to my amazing friend Gwen we added a few videos from the premiere. You can view them below:

Mini Interview – HQ Vid – Dane DeHaan – Amazing Spider-Man 2 NYC Premiere (April 24, 2014)

B-Roll/ BTS – HQ Vid – Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Dane DeHaan – Amazing Spider-Man 2 NYC Premiere Footage (April 24, 2014)

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ star Dane DeHaan says playing the bad guy is a pretty good gig

Dane DeHaan is enjoying the sort of early career that most young actors would trade their porcelain veneers for. After storming onto the scene with the lauded sci-fi drama “Chronicle” in 2012, he has turned in critically acclaimed performances in such prestige picture as “The Place Beyond the Pines” and “Kill Your Darlings,” both released last year.

He has the rare industry luxury of being able to be somewhat choosy about what role he takes next.

As it turns out, for his next role the 28-year-old rising star — who has been likened to a young Leonardo DiCaprio, both because of his looks and his talent — chose director Marc Webb’s superhero sequel “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which trumpets the unofficial arrival of the 2014 summer movie season on May 2.

Yes, it’s a comic-book movie, and yes it’s sequel. But with both Hollywood and audiences taking comic-book movies as seriously as they’ve ever been taken before, don’t mistake this one as a frivolous entry on DeHaan’s resume. Likewise, don’t for a second think he approached it with anything less than the seriousness and intensity with which he always approaches his roles.

Not at all, DeHaan said, calling recently to discuss the film. Because, well, first of all, I had seen the first one and I really loved the first one. I think they did a really amazing job, and you know Marc is such a great director and Andrew (Garfield) is such a great actor, as is Emma (Stone). And I knew going into it I was already working with good people. Then the script was great — so that’s what I’m always looking to do: challenging roles and great scripts. So I don’t really think there’s anything really frivolous about it. Certainly there’s a bigger budget, but it was just as intense and challenging of an experience as anything else.

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Dane DeHaan found his role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 “exciting”.

Dane DeHaan during The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Press Conference

The 28-year-old actor plays the iconic comic book character, who eventually becomes the villainous Green Goblin, in action movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Dane was thrilled to land the role and embraced the complexities which came with his alter ego.
It was just so exciting because it’s such a full, dynamic, crazy arc of a character. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to play a character that has this big of an arc again. It is so big – he’s so completely different at the end of the movie

It was something I knew that I could really sink my teeth into, and it wouldn’t be another stereotypical part that you see in a big franchise movie – it’s actually something with a lot of dimension and depth and something that I can really create a character from. There’s something very powerful about this Green Goblin as well. He’s a complicated guy, that’s for sure.

Dane stars alongside Brit Andrew Garfield, who plays the title hero. The American actor was over the moon to work with someone he has so much respect for after watching his projects.

Andrew Garfield is someone I’ve wanted to work with ever since I first saw him on screen. I immediately thought, ‘This kid can act… he can really act!’ He’s one of the most emotionally available actors in our age group, and he takes himself about as seriously as I take myself – which is probably too seriously,” Dane laughed. “We had a really good time on set battling it out when we had to battle it out, but then we also had a fun loving time when we had to. I think there’s a mutual respect between us that has kind of taken us through this entire project in a really beautiful way.

Source: Cover Media Group 2014

Dane DeHaan on his father learning about his TASM2 role: “When I first told him, I think the first thing that he said was, ‘I can’t wait to tell the people in my comic book club”

The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is weaving its way into theaters in just a few weeks, but before it does, the cast is doing a cross-country Spidey tour to tell you why you should see the movie. Yesterday, the stars of the flick, Andrew, Emma and Dane, were hanging out in Downtown Miami at the Mandarin Oriental. Shireen Sandoval caught up with them to talk all things arachnophobia.

Peter Parker and his dual personality are back on the big screen in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” in 3D, and there’s a lot going on.

This time around, Peter faces off against a whole lot of villains all tied to the power company Oscorp.

Earlier today, the cast of Spidey 2 made their way to Miami to weave a web of what’s new in the franchise, like a new and improved Spidey suit.

Shireen Sandoval: “They made some concessions for you with the Spidey suit, true?”

Andrew Garfield: “‘Concessions’ is a strange word. I would just say they remembered that I was human and that I needed to go to the bathroom, and they created zippers that would enable that. Whereas the first suit, there wasn’t any consideration.”

Shireen: “Were they just like, ‘Hold it for 12 hours?'”

Andrew Garfield: “No, it was crazy. It was crazy. I asked so often, ‘Am I going to be able to use the bathroom?’ and they were like, ‘Yeah, yeah.'”

Dane DeHaan stars as Peter’s friend, Harry Osbourne, and turns into his eventual nemesis, the Green Goblin.

Dane’s dad by the way, is a big-time comic book geek.

Shireen: “What was his reaction when he found out that you had become part of the Spider-Man family?”

Dane DeHaan: “When I first told him, I think the first thing that he said was, ‘I can’t wait to tell the people in my comic book club.'”

Emma Stone returns as Peter’s love interest, Gwen Stacy. Emma and Andrew date in real life, but will their on screen chemistry continue? A famous, old-school comic book kills Gwen off.

Shireen: “The night when Gwen Stacey died is a very popular old comic book. Are we going to see the same outcome in the movie?”

Emma Stone: “I can’t say anything, but you have to see for yourself.”


The cast of The Amazing Spiderman 2 to be on Good Morning America tomorrow

Dane DeHaan and the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to answer your questions

GMA via twitter informed us on a possibility to ask TASM-2 cast our questions via twitter. Here is what they said on their official twitter account @GMA:

The ENTIRE cast of @SpiderManMovie 2 joins us tomorrow & they want to hear from you: Tag your questions w/ #GMAzing!

Make sure you tag your questions. Maybe you will get lucky and your question will be answered :)

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