Happy 29th Birthday to amazing actor Dane DeHaan from his largest fansite

Happy 29th Birthday to Dane DeHaan!

02/06/86 – a date all Dane DeHaan fans are familiar with

Today is a very special day for Dane DeHaan fans all over the world. February 6 is a day when Dane celebrates his 29th birthday.

What can I say on this special day? I am sure that all fans would agree with me: the most important for us is that Dane spends this day the way he wants to, that he has a nice celebration with his family, friends and those he loves. I truly hope that all his dreams and wishes come true. As cheesy as it may sound, I want Dane to succeed in whatever he wants to achieve.

In his 29 years he has already accomplished so much: he’s had an opportunity to create magnificent characters with his bright, unique and truthful performances. He has had a chance to work with many talented people, and to prove himself a real artist. I can only wish that Dane’s success only begins to blossom. I know that someone that talented and hardworking can achieve whatever he wants to. And my wish for Dane is that he gets anything he has set his mind to.

But I’d love to say a few more things: Dane is a real inspiration. To me, and to many other fans as well. Despite his talent and success he remains this humble person, loyal to his family and close friends. We all know him as an actor, yet he is also a great husband, son, brother and a friend. I also find it inspiring how intelligent, thoughtful and truthful Dane is in his interviews, or whenever he answers any kinds of questions.

Once again, I do hope that Dane’s journey to success brings him only joy and happiness. I am so thankful and lucky to be running this fansite and to be able to express my respect and admiration to this young man.

Like I’ve said above, this day is not only special to Dane and his family, but of course it is a unique day for all of Dane’s fans. And because of that I want to give something to fans. You guys are the best, I’ll never stop repeating that, and I love each of you. Never before have I seen any other fandom full of so many talented, creative and sweet people.

Today I am sharing with you several unseen HQ outtakes from a few of Dane’s great photoshoots:
From left to right: unknown 2011 photoshoot (at a highest demand and my desire to find the original photos from my tumblr and twitter’s icons), more outtakes from 2011 ‘Interview’ photoshoot, and finally a few outtakes from 2015 L’uomo Vogue photoshoot

You guys know that I am a real hires stalker, so I’ve also replaced the below photos with their UHQ versions (before we had them in large/medium quality):

And since we (fans) also love Dane’s cute and humble side, I am also sharing with you a few of Dane’s private/candids photos from his college days, which I’ve collected throughout months of browsing the web, but been too busy to actually upload:


Tatiana Maslany, Dane DeHaan to Star in Indie Drama ‘Two Lovers and a Bear’

Dane DeHaan to Star in Indie Drama ‘Two Lovers and a Bear’ with Tatiana Maslany

“War Witch” filmmaker Kim Nguyen will direct the indie movie for Max Films

Dane DeHaan (“Chronicle”) and Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) are attached to star in the indie drama “Two Lovers and a Bear,” multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

Kim Nguyen (“War Witch”) is directing the movie, which is a Canadian co-production that features the involvement of Montreal-based company Max Films. Production is scheduled to begin in mid-March as soon as Maslany wraps “Orphan Black.”

Set in a small town near the North Pole where roads lead to nowhere, the story follows Roman (DeHaan) and Lucy (Maslany), two burning souls who come together to make a leap for life and inner peace.

Maslany will be busy shooting “Orphan Black” through the beginning of March. She recently dropped out of Neil LaBute‘s upcoming play “The Way We Get By,” citing a scheduling conflict with an upcoming film. “Two Lovers and a Bear” is that project, though Maslany is also a finalist for Gareth Edwards’ “Star Wars” spinoff along with Felicity Jones. She next stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in Simon Curtis’ drama “Woman in Gold.”

Maslany is represented by ICM Partners, Magnolia Entertainment and The Characters Talent Agency in Canada.

DeHaan next stars as James Dean opposite Robert Pattinson in Anton Corbijn’s “Life,” and he’ll soon be seen in Justin Chadwick’s romantic drama “Tulip Fever.” He’s represented by CAA and MGMT Entertainment.

Represented by CAA, Nguyen previously directed the critically-acclaimed drama “War Witch,” which earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination as well as an award at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival.

Source: The Wrap

Dane DeHaan, Robert Pattinson: Life World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

“Life”: world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival detailed time for February 9, 2015

Detailed timing for “Life” premiere have finally been announce. The premiere takes place on February 9, 2015 at the Berlinale Film Festival. I can already imagine how many photos we are going to have on that day, wow. Also I am very excited for the premiere, and looking forward to hear people’s opinions:) The detailed info can be found below:

February 9, 2015
‘Life’ World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.
Photo-Call: 19:45PM CET/ 6:45PM GMT/ 1:45PM ET/ 10:45AM PT.
Press Conference: 19:55PM CET/ 6:55PM GMT/ 1:55PM ET/ 10:55AM PT
Red Carpet: 21:00PM CET/ 8PM GMT/ 3PM ET/ 12PM
Screening: 9:30PM CET/ 8:30GMT/ 3:30PM ET/ 12:30PM PT.

Stars to attend the premiere: Robert Pattinson, Dane Dehaan, Anton Corbijn, Alessandra Mastronardi & Luke Davies.

And here is the brief movie’s summary from Berlinale’s site:

In 1955, ambitious Hollywood photographer Dennis Stock and the then still unknown James Dean meet at one of Nicholas Ray’s parties. Stock recognises in the young actor, who has just completed filming East of Eden, an extraordinary talent and hopes to further his own career via a series of portraits for “Life” magazine. Newcomer Dean is stressed by studio boss Jack Warner’s demands for him to get on the PR bandwagon for Elia Kazan’s film and goes into hiding in the country. Stock accompanies the camera-shy star to his native ranch in Indiana where he has his roots. Once back in New York, Stock captures the world famous image which keeps the legend alive to this day.
Anton Corbijn is less interested in the life of the idol of a new generation than in the creation of a myth and the role “Life” photographer Dennis Stock’s portraits had in the iconisation of Dean. The meeting of these two young men led to the creation of a series of world famous images of a cult star before he died at the age of just 24. “James Dean haunted Times Square” went on to become one of the most reproduced photograhps of the 20th century.

Dane DeHaan's 29th birthday project

Dane DeHaan 29th Birthday project: participate NOW

As you all know, Dane’s birthday is coming soon. February 6th is not far from today, so please read information on how we plan to celebrate this day, and participate today!  The idea originally comes from amazing Dane fandom members: Sam (frostydehaan) and Max (eyebagdehaan). I am helping to spread this information, and make the congratulation happen. Perhaps we will be able to send it to Dane on twitter. I will also make sure to have all your submissions online on this website, so that it stays online as a special gift from Dane’s special fans :)

Below you can read the original post of frostydehaan which has all the explanations and directions:

it is Dane’s birthday (!!!!) so I thought of something really incredible to do for him! I would be making a video compilation of greetings/artworks/drawings made by us, the fans, for him from all over the world.

you could either send:
video/s of yourself (or with a group of people so it would be more fun!) greeting, singing or dancing for dane. (If doing it by groups please include where you’re from, like “hello dane we’re your fans from *insert country/place* greeting you a happy birthday!!!” Or something like that)
fan art/doodles
anything you want (make sure appropriate)
-and of course, love for dane

You can send them to on or before 3rd 5th of February. Make sure to include your name, tumblr URL/twitter and where you’re from.

I will be sending the link via the email you used to send me your output once I’ve uploaded the video or I could just post the link here so make sure you’re tracking #ddehaanproject (or follow me). If you have any questions, my ask box is always open.

It would be really great if we could get fans from all over the world so dane could acknowledge each and everyone! And for us, Dane’s fandom, to have more friends all over the world!

(also, thanks to my friend eyebagdehaan who made this project possible!!!)


"LIFE": production notes, quotes and a lot about Dane DeHaan

‘Life’ Will Have It’s World Premiere At The 65th Berlin International Film Festival

The World Premiere of Life will be held at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival which runs from 5-15 Feb.

From ScreenDaily:

Berlinale SpecialGala at the Zoo Palast

United Kingdom / Canada
By Anton Corbijn (A Most Wanted Man)
With Robert Pattinson, Dane DeHaan, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley
World premiere

We also have two new stills with Dane from the movie. Make sure to check them below:


Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn: The Amazing Spider-man 3 is going to happen?

‘Spider-Man 3’ Movie Release Date, Cast Rumors & News: Andrew Garfield & Dane DeHaan Return in 2018 Film?

Even before the release of “The Amazing Spider Man 2“, Sony Pictures has seemed to settle on the release dates of its sequels: “The Amazing Spider Man 3” in 2016 and “The Amazing Spider Man 4” in 2018. However, owing to the surprising and below par reception of the first sequel, the premiere of “The Amazing Spider Man 3” will be put off to 2018 while “Sinister Six” will have its debut next year.

Also, Sony Pictures has announced that it will carry out a casting call through CBM, taking aim at Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan to return in the film.

But the ongoing excitement for the movie, which has already been spoiled once, may just be spoiled once again as Sony’s plans for the film is still drifting airborne with franchise agreements still under shaky negotiations.

Flickering Myth reports that “plans for the Spider-Man franchise seem to be completely up in the air at present, with various discussions taking place concerning the possibility of bringing Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with ‘Captain America: Civil War’, or taking the character in a new direction with yet another reboot.”

It can be recalled that “The Amazing Spider Man 2” did not do well in terms of audience reception and Box Office returns, and now Sony is hardly getting any commitment for the franchise of the film because of that. Cinema Blend even reveals that Marvel Studios had plans to drop Garfield as lead, rendering the creation of “Spider Man 3” in question.

Fortunately, several sources confirm that the creation of the film is underway as Bill Beckman Casting released a casting call searching for male and female extras “of all ages and ethnicities, ages 18-65”, Cinema Blend reports.

It has also been confirmed that Sony will be the producing studio. This would mean that Sony’s deal with Marvel Studios will come to an end and Spidey may no longer be appearing with any other Marvel Studio superheroes. And because Sony ends ties with Marvel Studios, the release of Sinister Six may also be put on hold.

Bill Beckman Casting also verifies that “both Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider Man) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin) will be returning for another adventure that will see Spidey ‘facing a new challenge to protect New York City'”, as also shared by Flickering Myth.

But there are more reasons to shrug it off and despite the disappointing show of the “Spider Man 2”: Andrew Garfield is coming back and a casting call means that filming may have already started.

Nonetheless, Flickering Myth reports that Bill Beckman Casting is a “fradulent agency” so there’s a possibility that Garfield and DeHaan may not reprise their roles on the film and Sony might do a reboot on the series.

There is no exact release date of the film but definitely it would be in 2018.

Here is a video on the announcement of the “Spider Man 3” casting call:

Source: RealityToday

Dane DeHaan by Guy Aroch for So It Goes Magazine: exclusive outtake

Dane DeHaan in ‘So It Goes’ magazine: more information + pre-order

Yesterday I already shared the exciting news with you: Dane is featured in Issue 4 of So It Goes magazine. Today I am going to share more exciting news with you: some information on what to expect. Dane is interviewed by his Place Beyond the Pines director and friend Derek Cianfrance in a 1500 word Q&A piece. The feature is the cover and has a 12 page photoshoot by Guy Aroch to accompany the interview.

This is definitely such a gift for all of the fans. But it’s not all of the news yet. Thanks to So It Goes magazine, I am able to share an exclusive outtake (that won’t be in the story) of Dane’s photoshoot. WOW, looks like we have a LOT to look forward ot, right? I guess a lack of Dane’s new material lately was worth the wait.

If you still haven’t done it, please PRE-ORDER this great issue from the magazine’s website. It is shipped worldwide, so all Dane’s fans have a chance to get it!

Aussie Diesel Schwarze Plots ‘Ziggy’ With Dane DeHaan And Rooney Mara

Aussie Diesel Schwarze Plots ‘Ziggy’ With Dane DeHaan And Rooney Mara

Australian writer-director Diesel Schwarze, a protege of Baz Luhrmann, is partnering with Electric City Entertainment to develop his debut feature film, an original musical Ziggy. Dane DeHaan and Rooney Mara are attached to star in the pic, which centers on a hunchback escape artist (DeHaan) who arrives in New York during the mass-culture boom of the late 1920s. As he falls in love with the fiancé (Mara) of a powerful media mogul, the story charts Ziggy’s rise to fame and subsequent fall amid a romantic world crashing down on its own impossible idealism.

The filmmakers have paired with British music producer and songwriter Alex Da Kid to develop original contemporary music for the pic. He has collaborated with Eminem, Dr. Dre, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons and Nicki Minaj among others.

Diesel worked under Baz Luhrmann during Moulin Rougeand La Boheme on Broadway, and this project certainly seems to have the scope and flair of his Aussie compatriot.

Ziggy is one of the most unique scripts I’ve ever read,” said Lynette Howell, who is producing with Electric City partner Jamie Patricof. “Diesel has written an incredibly beautiful and ambitious story and his background working under Baz Luhrmann combined with his prolific commercial work, lends itself to bringing this story to life in a visually inspired and exciting way.

CAA and WME will rep the film’s domestic distribution rights.


“Life After Beth” will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 21

Dane DeHaan: Life After Beth - Blu Ray date releases available

Life After Beth will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 21 via Lionsgate. The zom-rom-com is written and directed by Jeff Baena (I Heart Huckabees).

Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Dane DeHaan (Chronicle), Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live), John C. Reilly (Step Brothers), Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Paul Reiser (Aliens), Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) and Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) star.

Special features:

  • Audio Commentary with Jeff Baena, Actors Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan and Matthew Gray Gubler
  • “Life After Beth: The Post Mortem” featurette
  • Deleted Scenes

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