More “Tulip Fever” news: Judi Dench, Matthew Morrison Join ‘Tulip Fever’

The Weinstein Company has added Judi Dench and “Glee” star Matthew Morrison to the cast of historical drama “Tulip Fever,” set in 17th century Amsterdam.

It’s the 10th film that Dench has done for the Weinsteins. Dench will play the Abbess of St. Ursula’s, a rescuer of orphan children, and Morrison will play a drunken bohemian artist.

Previously announced cast includes Alicia Vikander, Dane DeHaan, Jack O’Connell, Holliday Grainger, Christoph Waltz and Zach Galifianakis.

Justin Chadwick is directing from a Tom Stoppard script, adapted from Deborah Moggach’s romance novel. Ruby Films’ Alison Owen is producing the project.

Vikander plays a married woman who begins a passionate affair with an artist hired to paint her portrait. The duo gamble on the tulip bulb market to raise money to run away together.

TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said, “I’m unbelievably proud to say that ‘Tulip Fever’ will be the tenth film we’ve collaborated on with my friend Dame Judi Dench, whom I consider one of the most talented actresses of our time.”

Dench’s films with the Weinsteins include six films for which she received an Oscar nomination — “Philomena,” “Mrs. Brown,” “Shakespeare in Love,” “Iris,” “Mrs. Henderson Presents” and “Chocolat.” She won a supporting actress Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love.”

Source: Variety

Norwich Cathedral – new filming location for the “Tulip Fever”

Norwich Cathedral to be used as a new filming location for Tulip Fever starring Dane DeHaan
Huge thanks to the tumblr user beingrory we have some news on a new Tulip Fever filming location. Please read the info below:
Production staff are due to arrive on Thursday and it is believed they will be working on scenes for the drama Tulip Fever.

The filming at Norwich Cathedral is expected to take place mainly in the cloister. Access to parts of the cathedral may be restricted during the filming but the cathedral will remain open and services will take place as normal.

Nobody from the film was available for comment but a statement on Norwich Cathedral’s website said: “Due to the filming of a period drama, there will be potential disruptions for people visiting the Cathedral Thursday 05 – Wednesday 25 June.

“The filming will predominantly take place in the Cloister, but also includes the Dark Entry, south aisle and Presbytery in the Cathedral. This may restrict access to certain parts of the Cathedral at various times, but the Cathedral will remain open to visitors throughout the filming and services will continue as normal.


“Life After Beth” to be featured on 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival

Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza in 'Life After Beth' 2014

The full line-up for the 68th Edinburgh International Film Festival was announced this morning at a press conference with artistic director Chris Fujiwara.

This year’s instalment, which takes place at various venues across the Capital from June 18th to the 29th, will showcase 156 features including the previously announced opening and closing night films Hyena and We’ll Never Have Paris.

Highlights elsewhere in the festival include: Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer; Life After Beth, starring Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza; Cold in July, directed by Jim Mickle; animated adventure The Nut Job; and Nicolas Cage’s bleak star vehicle Joe.

There will also be three competition strands this year. The Michael Powell Award returns with UK premieres of Set Fire to the Stars, We Are Monster, Still Life and many more, while International Feature Film will include screenings of X/Y, To Kill a Man and Club Sandwich, amongst others.

2014 marks the return of the Documentary Feature Film Award after a three-year hiatus. Films in contention include Garnet’s Gold, My Name is Salt, Manakamama and Life May Be. Michel Gondry’s documentary Is the Man Who is Tall Happy? will also screen in the Directors’ Showcase strand.

There will also be a strong focus on films from Germany, while Empire Magazine have teamed up with the festival to screen Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, the winner of ‘The Greatest Movie of All Time’.

Tickets for the Edinburgh International Film Festival will go on sale to the general public on June 2. The full programme is available here.


Possible Tulip Fever’s location news

Thanks to our forum member and loyal visitor Ashleigh Rose we have some possible news on Tulip Fever‘s shooting location.
Here is what Ashleigh was able to find on IMDB message board:

Information on Tulip Fever possible filming location. The movie features Dane DeHaan among others!

If the information is correct, the place definitely looks lovely. Here is a stock image of Cobham Boarding School for girls:
Cobham Boarding School for girls

If any of you have any information on filming, or if you happened to meet Dane on set, please email me! A full credit to those who share their stories will be given.

‘The Sinister Six’ Villains Revealed!

Do the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 give away the villain line-up for The Sinister Six spin-off? It sure looks like it. If you download the Shazam app and use it on the song ‘It’s On Again‘ by Alicia Keys featuring Kendrick Lamar during the end credits of this sequel, in theaters this Friday, a series of teaser images will be sent to your mobile device. These are from the end credits themselves, seen without any titles. Silas Lesnick was able to use his Shazam app during a recent press screening, and received the following six different teaser images below. These certainly offer a hint as to who we will see in The Sinister Six. In order, we have Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter and Chameleon (though there is some debate that the final image may be of Mysterio). Take a look and read on for more details.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits 3
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits 4
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits 5
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 end credits 6
Sony Pictures released a brief statement today that fans should stick around until the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, using their Shazam download to get a sneak peek at The Sinister Six spin-off.

After seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – opening on May 2nd – be sure to Shazam the end credit sequence to unlock a look into the sinister future. Download @Shazam on iTunes or GooglePlay. #SpiderMan

We reported last week that Sony Pictures will release a sneak peek of X-Men: Days of Future Past during the end credits of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. That end credit scene has nothing to do with this new Shazam download.
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014 and stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, Felicity Jones, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field. The film is directed by Marc Webb.
The Sinister Six comes to theaters in 2018. The film is directed by Drew Goddard.

Source: Movie Web (thanks to @annoyinglau)


Finally: an official “Tulip Fever” news article

After long time of guessing and waiting, we finally got to hear something Tulip Fever-related on news blogs. So, Dane is definitely in the cast, and we hope that our guesses about him practicing painting for the movie in London are true :) Read the article below:

Following a breakthrough role in The Hangover, comedian Zach Galifianakis became quite a hot commodity, though some of his roles felt like they were studio attempts to softly cash in on the actor’s odd comedic sensibilities and throw him at mainstream audiences. The only role that didn’t feel like a cheap gimmick was his surprisingly dramatic turn in It’s Kind of a Funny Story, but it sounds like we might get another worthwhile performance from the comedian soon. Screen Daily counts Galifianakis amongst the cast for director Justin Chadwick‘s film adaptation of Deborah Moggach’s period novel Tulip Fever.

For those who may not be familiar with the book, here’s the official synopsis:

In 1630s Amsterdam, tulipomania has seized the populace. Everywhere men are seduced by the fantastic exotic flower. But for wealthy merchant Cornelis Sandvoort, it is his young and beautiful wife, Sophia, who stirs his soul. She is the prize he desires, the woman he hopes will bring him the joy that not even his considerable fortune can buy.

Cornelis yearns for an heir, but so far he and Sophia have failed to produce one. In a bid for immortality, he commissions a portrait of them both by the talented young painter Jan van Loos. But as Van Loos begins to capture Sophia’s likeness on canvas, a slow passion begins to burn between the beautiful young wife and the talented artist.

As the portrait unfolds, so a slow dance is begun among the household’s inhabitants. Ambitions, desires, and dreams breed a grand deception — and as the lies multiply, events move toward a thrilling and tragic climax.

Chadwick previously directed The Other Boleyn Girl and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and this time he’s working from a script by Tom Stoppard (Anna Karenina, Shakespeare in Love). As for the rest of the cast, it certainly makes Galifianakis feel a bit out of place with Christoph Waltz, Dane DeHaan, Jack O’Connell, Holliday Grainger and Alicia Vikander attached. Of course, we have every bit of faith and curiosity in Galifianakis tackling something so remarkably different after having to sit through three films to make up The Hangover franchise. The film is on sale at Cannes, and we hope to hear more soon.

Source: First Showing

Quick updates on Dane

Some quick Dane news: Dane is in London now, which was quite obvious from one of his latest tweets:

Dane DeHaan in London NOW

We also know that Dane is scheduled to start filming his new movie Tulip Fever in which he plays a role of a Dutch painter Jan Van Loos. Dane was not scheduled to start filming yet, but we have no official news or confirmations about it. However according to his latest tweet he is getting into the Jan Van Loos mood while practicing painting:

Keep visiting for more info, because we sure are going to keep you updated!

Spider-Man 2’s Dane DeHaan is about to be public frenemie #1

Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Dane DeHaan‘s handsomeness can be hard to pin down. There’s his full mouth, which can capture wit or ache. Then there are his eyes, capable of smoke, vulnerability, malice.

All are moods he’s delivered in his still-nascent but utterly disciplined career: from the HBO series “In Treatment” to his Obie Award-winning performance in Annie Baker’s Off-Broadway play “The Aliens“; from his turn as an accidental superhero in 2012’s sleeper hit “Chronicle” to a super-villain in the Spider-Man” franchise.

Fair-haired, blue-eyed, the actor has got a lightness to him that he can deftly turn to darkness.

So take note of that face. You’re likely to see it a fair amount over the years to come.

Beginning May 2, the 28-year-old’s compelling visage and gift for mutability will be on global display in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” DeHaan portrays Harry Osborn, boyhood friend to Peter Parker. He also suits up as the Green Goblin, dedicated foe of Parker’s alter-(superhero) ego.

“Spider-Man 2” is a behemoth new to the actor.

It’s a completely different monster,

he said on the phone before joining co-stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone on a publicity juggernaut.

I haven’t actually been on the press tour yet because I was finishing up a film in Toronto. I’ll join everybody in London. … It’s exciting to see the kind of impact this kind of film can have on people around the world.

As of Thursday, the sequel of the rebooted franchise had taken in $43 million in its overseas opening.

Son of a computer programmer and furniture company exec, DeHaan was born and raised in Allentown, Pa. He left Pennsylvania for the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, where he got a degree in acting.

Last fall, DeHaan was nominated for a Gotham Awards Breakthrough kudo for his turn opposite Daniel Radcliffe in “Kill Your Darlings,” a moody indie drama about poet Allen Ginsberg’s undergrad years at Columbia University. He portrayed fellow student Lucien Carr.

Based on the man to whom Ginsberg later dedicated “Howl,” Carr could be cruel, kind, charismatic. And the gifted writer from New Jersey falls for him.

It’s tempting to see a kinship in Carr’s and Harry Osborn’s ability to swing from friend to foe and back.

They both have a darkness to them,” their portrayer said. “But Lucien is a charmer. There’s a sexual prowess and energy he has. He knows how to manipulate people with that and control them with that. He’s almost like a black widow spider luring people into his web.

Of his latest role, DeHaan says, Harry is “just born powerful. He has a gigantic trust fund. He inherits a billion-dollar corporation. He tries to buy his happiness. He can impress people alone with his money and power.

For his recent role in the zombie film “Life After Beth” Variety magazine’s Geoffrey Berkshire wrote,The movie truly belongs to DeHaan, Both a deft comedian and a soulful dramatic presence, the young actor is shaping up to be one of the most idiosyncratic leading men of his generation.”

For his part DeHaan nods at the luck of getting so far, so fast. Yet he has some rather journeyman insights for young actors.

Make no mistake, what is happening to me is a dream come true. I probably had a better chance of winning the lottery than I did of having all these opportunities come through. But “I spent a lot of time learning how to do this. I didn’t even step into an audition room until I graduated from college, then spent five years training from 7 in the morning to 11 at night learning how to do this.”

It’s not how every actor breaks through, he admitted. But it may be how this one sticks around.

Source: Denverpost

Dane DeHaan to appear on ‘The Tonight Show’ Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, April 29

Dane DeHaan to appear on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

According to NBC Entertainment press release Dane will appear ‘The Tonight Show‘ Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, April 29. Make sure not to miss his appearance! You can read the press release below:

Thursday, April 24: Guests include Dr. Phil McGraw, James Van Der Beek and musical guest Courtney Barnett. Steven Tyler sits-in with The Roots. Show 0044

Friday, April 25: Guests include Jamie Foxx, Alan Cumming and musical guest Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar. Show 0045

Monday, April 28: Guests include Emma Stone, Robinson Cano and musical guest Keith Urban. Show 0046

Tuesday, April 29: Guests include Diane Keaton, Dane DeHaan and musical guest David Byrne. Daley sits-in with The Roots. Show 0047

Wednesday, April 30: Guests include David Spade, Sophia Bush and musical guest The Both. Show 0048

Thursday, May 1: Guests include Andrew Garfield, Mary Lynn Rajskub and musical guest Chvrches. Show 0049

**Friday, May 2: Guests include Kevin Spacey and Lewis Black. Show 0050

These listings are subject to change.

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ star Dane DeHaan says playing the bad guy is a pretty good gig

Dane DeHaan is enjoying the sort of early career that most young actors would trade their porcelain veneers for. After storming onto the scene with the lauded sci-fi drama “Chronicle” in 2012, he has turned in critically acclaimed performances in such prestige picture as “The Place Beyond the Pines” and “Kill Your Darlings,” both released last year.

He has the rare industry luxury of being able to be somewhat choosy about what role he takes next.

As it turns out, for his next role the 28-year-old rising star — who has been likened to a young Leonardo DiCaprio, both because of his looks and his talent — chose director Marc Webb’s superhero sequel “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” which trumpets the unofficial arrival of the 2014 summer movie season on May 2.

Yes, it’s a comic-book movie, and yes it’s sequel. But with both Hollywood and audiences taking comic-book movies as seriously as they’ve ever been taken before, don’t mistake this one as a frivolous entry on DeHaan’s resume. Likewise, don’t for a second think he approached it with anything less than the seriousness and intensity with which he always approaches his roles.

Not at all, DeHaan said, calling recently to discuss the film. Because, well, first of all, I had seen the first one and I really loved the first one. I think they did a really amazing job, and you know Marc is such a great director and Andrew (Garfield) is such a great actor, as is Emma (Stone). And I knew going into it I was already working with good people. Then the script was great — so that’s what I’m always looking to do: challenging roles and great scripts. So I don’t really think there’s anything really frivolous about it. Certainly there’s a bigger budget, but it was just as intense and challenging of an experience as anything else.

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