UHQ outtake from 2013 “Kill Your Darlings” photoshoot in color

Dane DeHaan by Eric Ray Davidson (2013 photoshoot): exclusive UHQ outtakes

Hey everyone. I felt like this update deserved its own post in the news section. I was able to find UHQ photo of Dane from Eric Ray DavidsonKill Your Darlings” 2013 photoshoot in colour. And when I’m saying it’s HQ, it really is. It’s huge. I wonder why they decided to use the B&W version as the final photo. But I do love both versions. Make sure to check the new photo below:

If you are reposting it on your other fansites and groups, please credit, because it was so difficult for me to get it.

Various gallery updates

So you all probably know that I am a hi-res nerd. I am always seeking for Dane’s unseen photos, or just images we don’t have yet. I also always try to find better versions of the photos we have in MQ, and replace them with HQ versions. So, since we currently don’t have any recent updates or news, I decided to do a small gallery update :) I thought it would be nice to make one post with updated albums links. Hopefully they will be useful to you:

New albums:

Updated albums:

Better quality photos added:

Photoshoot udate: better quality photos added

Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan during 2013's Comic Con photoshoot by Michael Muller

Hey guys! I’ve updated three photos from Comic Con 2013 portraits. We had these in pretty blurry version, and the retouching was bad. I managed to find better quality retouched photos, and in my opinion these look much better. Check out the new versions below:

New photoshoot outtakes added: Comic Con portraits

Andrew Garfield and Dane DeHaan during 2013's Comic Con photoshoot by Michael Muller

New outtakes from Dane’s Comic Con portraits became available! I updated the gallery with his photoshoot for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Jamie Foxx and Andrew Garfield, as well as his photoshoot for 2012 Lawless Comic Con portraits. Check them out below. I wish the quality was better, but let’s appreciate what we have :) Dane looks absolutely amazing and stunning, as usual.

If you add them to your sites or/and groups, please credit

Exclusive Photos: HQ versions of GQ’s 2012 photoshoot + new outtakes

Dane DeHaan for GQ's 2012 photoshoot by Patrick Hoelck, outtakes

Hey everyone. You probably remember that a while ago I posted outtakes from Dane’s 2012 GQ magazine photoshoot. Well, guess what? I have replaced old MQ photos with HQ versions, and also added even more unseen outtakes. Words can’t describe how beautiful Dane looks on them, so please take a look:

I am totally fine with you using them for your edits, but if you repost them on your websites or groups, please credit

“Interview” magazine: article & new photos


Self-confessed theater geek Dane DeHaan left his hometown of Allentown, Pennsylvania, while he was still in high school to study acting at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Television roles (on HBO’s In Treatment and True Blood, among others) came quickly, and soon DeHaan was racking up an impressive roster of film credits. In a matter of just four years, he has worked with John Sayles (in the 2010 war saga Amigo), with John Hillcoat (across from Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf in 2012’s Lawless), with Steven Spielberg (reciting the Gettysburg Address to the president in 2012’s Lincoln), and with Derek Cianfrance (in 2012’s The Place Beyond the Pines). In last year’s Kill Your Darlings, he played Lucien Carr, a college friend of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, who in 1944 murdered his admirer David Kammerer, and initially had his beatnik buddies help cover it up (Carr ultimately pled guilty to manslaughter and served 18 months at a reformatory).

Now 28, DeHaan again plays a real-life murder suspect (this time, Chris Morgan, a peripheral character in the West Memphis child murders), alongside Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth, in director Atom Egoyan’s Devil’s Knot, about the West Memphis Three, out this month. He’ll also appear in the little drama The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as Peter Parker’s nemesis Harry Osborn—a playboy who morphs into the Green Goblin.

And for his next project, the young actor who has made a name playing troubled adolescents takes on his dream role, playing Mister Moody himself, James Dean, in Anton Corbijn’s forthcoming Life (opposite Robert Pattinson, who plays photographer Dennis Stock). If this series of roles sounds somewhat familiar, we thought it did too. And so we asked James Franco, who broke out in 2001 as the lead in the TNT movie James Dean and played Osborn in the Tobey Maguire-era Spideys (as well as Allen Ginsberg in Howl, 2010), to give DeHaan a call. Franco, who is presently doing Of Mice and Men on Broadway, rang from Brooklyn to discover that DeHaan, who’d recently flown to New York from Toronto, was only a few blocks away.

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