VIDEO: Dane DeHaan Tells MTV Everything He Knows About ‘Sinister Six’

Ever since “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ set up a possible “Sinister Six” movie, people have been asking a ton of questions about the spinoff. Included in those people, it turns out, is the Green Goblin himself, Dane DeHaan, who wasn’t even told about the 2016 release date for the movie.

“I found that out by reading the news,” DeHaan, the star of the new zombie rom-com “Life After Beth,” joked in an interview with MTV News.

Although to be fair, Aubrey Plaza, who plays the zombie part of the zombie rom-com, barely knew anything at all about the franchise.

“What did you find out, there’s a new Spider-Man?” asked Plaza.

“Is there like a sexy, purple ghoul or something that I could play?” Plaza asked. “Maybe you could talk to the director, producer, say you have a friend. I could be scary!”

OK, Aubrey, we hear you. Maybe a female Sandman (Sandwoman, sorry), to inject some life into that character? We’d see it.

Other than the release date, DeHaan was as in the dark as anyone. Hopefully he, along with the rest of us, get some info — other than the release date — soon.


Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza – “Good Morning America” appearance

Dane and Aubrey visited ABC Studios to appear on “Good Morning America” today (July 29, 2014). They talked about their movie “Life After Beth“. Watch the interview and check the photos from their appearance below:

VIDEO: new “Life After Beth” clip: Smooth jazz calms zombie Aubrey Plaza

Everyone knows that love is complicated. But what they don’t know is just how complicated love is when your dead girlfriend comes back to life and slowly starts to turn into a zombie. Welcome to Zach’s world.
In the new horror-comedy Life After Beth, Zach (Dane DeHaan) finds himself with a back-from-the-dead girlfriend in Beth (Aubrey Plaza), who seems normal at first, but over time, starts to show off more zombie-like tendencies. EW has an exclusive clip from the film, in which Beth’s deteriorating state causes both anxiety and anger issues. Luckily, Zach is there to calm her with his radio. Turns out smooth jazz is just the thing to relax a zombie. Who knew?

Life After Beth is currently available on DirecTV and will be in limited theaters August 15th.

Source: EW

VIDEO: TASM2: Dane DeHaan Discusses Darker Alternate Green Gobiln Transformation

Dane DeHaan in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Daily Beast recently chatted with Dane DeHaan about his new film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the film, DeHaan plays Peter Parker’s best buddy and uber rich, Harry Osborn. The son of Norman Osborn is afflicted with some sort of virus or disease that apparently gets passed down from generation to generation of Osborns. In the second half of the film, Harry has a dramatic transformation into the Green Goblin. DeHaan says that his villainous appearance could’ve looked much different and the transformation process was originally much darker in tone.

“The first test we did was more cartoony,” DeHaan says, “but we wanted to bring it more into the organic, realistic world that Marc Webb created.” That means spiked hair mimics the shape of the purple hood. Jaundiced, splotchy skin subs for a full coat of green face paint.

And the costume is far more utilitarian, and not to mention modest, than the comic version’s booty shorts. And the transformation from Harry Osborn into the Green Goblin is undeniably one of the film’s more spectacular, if disturbing, sequences. Apparently, though, it could have been even darker. DeHaan says the version we see in the film is toned down from more graphic version they shot. “There was a shot of my teeth growing and then I shatter them,” he says, giddy with excitement. “And then there was my nails growing. Maybe we’ll see it in the director’s cut.”

VIDEO & photos: Behind the Scenes at Weta Workshop – “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Opening in theatres this weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – the Rise of Electro has been a very cool project for the crew at Weta Workshop.

The Green Goblin‘s costume and make-up along with Electro’s suspension rig and a number of props in the Oscorp vault were designed and built right here in the workshop. Make sure to view the video above and check out the photos of Dane from the video trying on the Green Goblin’s costume and putting on make-up.

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