“College Republicans” news from Daniel Radcliffe

College Republicans news starring Dane DeHaan and Daniel Radcliffe by John Krokidas

Today is Daniel Radcliffe‘s birthday (Happy 25th, Dan!). Dan was recently interviewed by The Daily Beast.
Among other interesting topics, he also talked about College Republicans, and said that it’s looking like it will happen, once he, Dane DeHaan and John Krokidas can get their schedules to line up.
You can read more details from Dan below:

You’re attached to reunite with your Kill Your Darlings director Jon Krokidas and co-star Dane DeHaan in College Republicans, with you playing a young Lee Atwater and DeHaan playing a young Karl Rove. Is that happening?
DAN:I don’t know at the moment! It’s looking really good, and it’s a fantastic script. That’s the plan—Dane as Karl and me as Lee—but trying to get the three of us in the same place at one time is tricky. It would make a really good movie because I don’t think people know that story at all. Like Kill Your Darlings, it’s a story about the genesis of a very important American cultural phenomenon that nobody really knows about. It’s fascinating how much of the neo-conservative ideal was born in a Ford Pinto driving around the South between Lee and Karl. It’s a serious true story, but it’s witty.

Check out the article and the featured video on danradcliffe.com. (Thanks for my beloved tumblr use imsirius for the heads up!