Dane DeHaan: L’Uomo Vogue Italy 2015: full article (translated)

Thanks to my amazing friend Stefano we have a good translation of Dane’s L’Uomo Vogue January 2015 article. Make sure to read it below! For more articles and interviews please visit our press archive section. Please credit Dane-DeHaan.org when reposting the translation.

The good thing about a magnetic and incomprehensible face like his, with those two slightly puffed eyes like ice (although he is very young, in fact he will be 29 this February), that speak more than a thousand words, a little like Brad Pitt (if not Paul Newman), about a contemporary, elegant and effortlessly cool style and a camaleontic talent on the set, might be the fact that he is the most in-demand debuting actor in Hollywood.
The bad thing – if you want to call it like that – might be instead the fact that he receives offers to interpretate mostly characters with ambiguous and strange charm, if not antagonists.
A child prodigy, after graduation at the North Carolina School of Arts, he moved to New York where he debuted at Broadway theatres successfully – although he claims he is not very good for theatrical pieces – winning an Obie Award for acting in ‘The Aliens’ by Annie Baker as Evan Shelmerdine. He was also a gay teenager in ‘In Treatment, which marked his debut on TV; a shy boy bullied in high school and victim of domestic violence who finds out he has super powers and takes revenge in ‘Chronicle’; a moonshiner next to Shia LaBeouf in ‘Lawless’ directed by John Hillcoat and scripted by Nick Cave. And more: intense and touching as Jason, the son of Ryan Gosling in ‘The place beyond the pines’ by Derek Cianfrance; introverted and doomed, stuck between empathy and suffocated anger, in ‘Kill Your Darlings’ next to Daniel Radcliffe; Bad in the shoes of Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider Man 2, but also brilliant like in the black comedy ‘Life After Beth’.
I choose the roles that they offer to me based on the possibility that I have to grow up by interpretating them, I consider them a chance to improve my skills as an actor. The more it seems impossible, the more I want to do it. I like challanges, the same character bores me”, says the Pennsylvania native.
His voice on the phone is relaxed, and kind. He lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful wife, the actress Anna Wood, and his dog. But according to many, his most important challange, which everybody has been talking about for months and which is supposed to be his consacration, is coming out in theatres with ‘Life’ by Anton Corbijn, in which he plays James Dean. The movie focuses on the relationship between the ‘East of Eden’ actor and the photographer who works for ‘Life Dennis Stock’ magazine (a character played by Robert Pattinson). “The story focuses on two specific weeks of James Dean’s life, right before his movie came out. Dennis Stock was told to provide a documentary about his life. So they travelled together from Los Angeles to New York, to visit the Indiana actor. Some of his most popular images were created during those two weeks”, he says. Dane was a little afraid to be compared to such a popular actor at first. “I did not know if the right decision was to accept or not, I thought it was beyond my possibilities. The challenge seemed too big, but maybe that’s why I accepted, to see exactly how far I can go. Before filming the movie, I had four weeks to learn about the character, to read, to watch documentaries and interviews. James Dean is my all time favourite actor, so I wanted to honor him the right way. In order to look like him physically, I had to work out and gain 22 pounds. The hardest thing was to learn to talk like him, he had a very particular accent, as well as his tone. I hope I can show the new generations who James Dean was with this movie.”
Contrary to what happaned to James, who died at the age of 24 in a car accident, instead of car races and a carpe diem concept of life, Dane is part of this generation (and also son of two computer scientists), he likes to use Twitter and play golf. “I find it relaxing, it’s like meditating. It helps me to free my mind, to concentrate and stay with my feet on the ground. I have my own golf kit when I travel and I bring it with me even when I’m working.”
When he doesn’t play golf, he likes to listen to music, which is the passion behind his decison to play in ‘Through The Never’ by Metallica and more recently in the ‘I bet my life’ music video by Imagine Dragons. But he also specifies that he doesn’t have any intention to become a rock star like Jared Leto, Keanu Reeves, Russel Crowe or Kevin Costner. “I play guitar, but nothing more than that. I like the old rock, the Bob Dylan kind, it makes me feel good.
In an era where being a celebrity is everything, Dane lives his life as anti-star: “The good side of it is that it allows me to do what I love.” Among Dane’s next movie projects there is Tulip Fever, which takes place in Amsterdam. The movie is set to be released this Spring.