Dane DeHaan makes gruesome Goblin

Dane DeHaan as Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Dane DeHaan “scared” Emma Stone while in costume as the Green Goblin.

The 28-year-old actor plays the menacing villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opposite Emma, who plays the superhero’s love interest Gwen Stacy. Dane underwent a dramatic transformation for the role, including fake teeth and rotten make-up, which frightened Emma when filming scenes with him.

“With Dane it was terrifying,” she told New York Daily News about her character’s interaction with the Green Goblin. “Dane has a gaze that is very penetrating and when he’s in full wardrobe as the Goblin it was really scary to see him.”

Dane’s character starts off as Harry Osborn, close friend of Spider-Man’s true identity Peter Parker. To give depth to his troubled alter ego, Dane revealed he based his character on hipsters and “trust fund babies” he meets in his own neighbourhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

“I live there [so] I understand this culture,” he explained. “Harry is not based on any real person, but I know people he could be friends with… in Williamsburg.”

Director Marc Webb has admitted Dane wasn’t his initial choice for the role. It was only when the handsome star auditioned with a unique Brooklyn style that the filmmaker was convinced.

“I wouldn’t say I wasn’t at the top of their list,” Dane laughed. “I would say I wasn’t even on their list. I had nothing to lose. Everyone around me was a very different type than me.”

Dane has previously starred in features including Kill Your Darlings and Lincoln, but this adventure franchise is the most successful of his career so far.

“Yeah this is my biggest movie, but only by about $150 million,” he mused.

Source: Belfast Telegraph