Dane DeHaan photoshoots upgrade: UHQs & new outtakes

I’ve been thinking about doing this update for a while, but due to the lack of time I kept procrastinating. But finally I found a bit of free time, and decided to do a small Dane photoshoots update. Now, a lot of you probably know me for my love to HQ photos: I just feel like bringing the best possible quality of Dane’s images to fans. I’ve replaced a lot of various photoshoots we had with their UHQ versions. That’s a major improvement, some of the photos are so huge that you can literally print out the posters. Please make sure to check their original quality by either clicking on the preview, or hitting the download button. The list of all upgraded to HD shoots can be found below:

It’s great to have better quality versions of old seen stuff, but it’s even better to get unseen outtakes from the published shoots. Sometimes outtakes look much better than selects, and I always wonder why they have been left out and not chosen. Today I’ve updated 5 Dane’s portraits sessions with their never-before-seen outtakes. Some of the images are really cute. Please check them below :)