2014 – GQ

New Money Suits with Dane DeHaan


Leading your company into the future isn’t just about planting the corporate flag in Beijing or speaking fluent Instagram. It’s about having an eye for the cut of a modern suit. We’re talking tailoring as sharp as your ideas, with no extra fat. Here, ‘Spider-Man’ actor Dane DeHaan shows you how to keep your so-called superiors on their toes.

Build Your Own Supervillain
He appreciates your concern, but Dane DeHaan refuses to complain. Consider his prep for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, an ordeal that would make 99 percent of all men cranky. To pack a villain’s brawn onto his fashion-model frame (he’s sometimes an arty-looking string bean in Prada ads), DeHaan took in 5,500 calories on a timer. Between meals, he and co-star Andrew Garfield would hit the “gym trailer,” where there was much hovering. Trainer Guy “was in constant contact” with Nutritionist Dude. Fifteen pounds of muscle were added by committee. Did he ever feel like, Enough?!

“Um, that would be a Harry Osborn Problem,” says DeHaan, 28, name-checking his entitled-rich-kid character who just miiight be the Green Goblin. The young actor—a ’90s DiCaprio put through a fruit dehydrator—brings a rooted, still-waters-run-deep rage to his dramatic roles, and it’s kept him in demand. He’s been in theaters practically without a break for the past two years (ChronicleLawlessKill Your Darlings) and is next playing James Dean in the movie Life, opposite Robert Pattinson.

Despite a Dean-ian aspect to his vibe, it still cows him a little. “It’s playing the most iconic person in the world,” he says. “People know the clothes he wore, what his hair looked like, what his voice sounded like—and it’s my first time dealing with all of that.” To pull it off, it was back to the training gulag—being James Dean requires even more muscle than being a Marvel villain, somehow. But he got at least one break, when he went out for a burger, his first in three months. “I literally cried. Like I cried,” he says. “My wife was like, ‘Please don’t cry right now. In this restaurant. Because you’re eating a burger.’ And I was like, [broken sob] ‘But this is so delicious!’ ”

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