Dane gets mentioned in IndieWire’s “Revisiting On The Rise: Where Are Our 2012 Picks Now?”

Dane DeHaan - 2013 photoshoot for LA times HQ

Over recent weeks, in addition to our coverage of the fall festivals, we’ve been indulging in what’s become our annual orgy of prognostication, our On The Rise series. We expanded the remit this year, including more picks in each category as well as more categories. We looked at the Actors, Actresses, Screenwriters, Cinematographers, Composers, Directors and Actors Under 20 we believe are going to be Big Things in the coming months and years, and there’s been quite some heartache, recrimination and frosty pointed silences round the Playlist dinner table as a result.

Many of those arguments spring from the tricky business of walking the line between people we think are inevitably going to be big stars no matter what and those we really want to see getting more work, which is not always one and the same. It’s been a difficult balance to strike over time, though we think we’ve done a pretty good job. At least we hope we have. It occurred to us along the way that perhaps a good way of keeping ourselves honest would be to look back at previous years’ picks and see how right or wrong we got it.

And so for the first time this year, we’re rounding off On The Rise 2014 by looking back at On The Rise 2012. That’s not so long ago, but since the names we chose were those we judged to be on the cusp of bigger things, by now the proof should be in the pudding. In some cases, our pick have become so embedded in the public consciousness, it’s hard to believe that they were only regarded as “rising” a couple of years ago. Others, not so much, but those cases are interesting for a whole different reason. So here we go: who did us proud, who faltered and who, two years on, remains a “who?” in Hollywood?

2012 Actors On The Rise Picks: Diego Boneta, Dane DeHaan, Dave Franco, Domhnall Gleeson, Frank Grillo, Daniel Kaluuya, Logan Marshall-Green, Scoot McNairy, Rafe Spall, Sullivan Stapleton.

Dane DeHaan, Domhnall Gleeson and Dave Franco have had pretty impressive trajectories the last few years. DeHaan went from 2012’s “Chronicle,” “Lawless” and “The Place Beyond the Pines” to juggling leads in smaller indies with his supporting role as Harry Osborne in the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. 2015 will see him star in “Tulip Fever” alongside fellow breakouts Alicia Vikander and Jack O’Connell, and Anton Corbijn’s “Life,” in which he’ll play no less a personage than James Dean opposite Robert Pattinson.

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