EXCLUSIVE from Life Film Blog: KRISTIAN BRUUN shares experience working on ‘Life’ with DeHaan, Pattinson, Corbijn & Kingsley

Thanks to our friends at Life-FilmBlog.com we have exclusive interview of Kristian Bruun on Life movie, in which he shared his personal experience on working with Dane. In Life, Kristian Bruun plays a Warner Brothers executive charged with overseeing James Dean’s career path. Below you can read the part of the interview related to Dane:

On the people Rob and Dane:

The two lead actors are Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan, both with avid fan bases, so I asked immediately– what are these two men like? Kristian told me “Rob and Dane, as are their characters, are different people.” Robert plays photographer Dennis Stock and Dane plays James Dean. He said Dane was ”polite, funny.” Rob “is the sweetest guy, a gentleman.”

Kristian said both Rob and Dane have this natural charisma, there’s a reason why they are both stars.” They have this thing that makes “them both utterly compelling to watch.”
There’s more on the two men and actors, below.

On Dane DeHaan:

Kristian spoke very highly of Dane’s work bringing James Dean to screen. He said his portrayal of the actor was such that at times Kristian felt he was actually in the presence of James Dean. He said Dane studied Dean very carefully, practiced a lot, had the look down, and he had a similar sense of humor as the iconic actor.

Kristian: “Dane did so much study of James Dean and practicing off camera.” He said on set he’d be “partially in character, off by himself” acting somewhat “aloof.” At times Kristian would think, “OMG, he’s James Dean, I feel I am in the presence of James Dean.”
Dane had James Dean’s voice down, Kristian adding, “his mannerisms– he was uncanny”. On his look, Dane really brought a lot to it, he had a particular bracelet, the glasses, all these physical things that were part of this transformation into James Dean. I think he said something about Dane would touch the glasses or the bracelet (sorry it was a loud bar!) just the way he watched clips of Dean do it.

“Dane also had this dry sense of humor, like Dean was known to have,” Kristian said. He’d be there in costume, and I’d feel like it was James Dean trying to be funny with me.”

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