EXCLUSIVE HQ outtakes from Dane DeHaan L’Uomo Vogue 2015 photoshoot to celebrate our first goal in “Young Americans” petition

As I’ve promised, I am sharing several unseen HQ outtakes from Dane DeHaan L’Uomo Vogue photoshoot (2015). The photos are… well, truly amazing. I love all the outfits Dane had on, it’s a pity not all the scenes made it to the magazine. But the most important thing is the reason why I am sharing these photos as a special celebration.

Thanks to all amazing people in Dane’s fandom we were able to hit our first mini-goal of 1,000 signatures for the Greenlight “Young Americans” petition yesterday. This is definitely a first big step on our road to 10k signatures! Together we can do it. However please don’t forget to sign it, if you haven’t done so yet. Also make sure to tell all your friends, family members and colleagues to sign as well. As I’ve always said: every signature counts.