Happy 29th Birthday to Dane DeHaan!

02/06/86 – a date all Dane DeHaan fans are familiar with

Today is a very special day for Dane DeHaan fans all over the world. February 6 is a day when Dane celebrates his 29th birthday.

What can I say on this special day? I am sure that all fans would agree with me: the most important for us is that Dane spends this day the way he wants to, that he has a nice celebration with his family, friends and those he loves. I truly hope that all his dreams and wishes come true. As cheesy as it may sound, I want Dane to succeed in whatever he wants to achieve.

In his 29 years he has already accomplished so much: he’s had an opportunity to create magnificent characters with his bright, unique and truthful performances. He has had a chance to work with many talented people, and to prove himself a real artist. I can only wish that Dane’s success only begins to blossom. I know that someone that talented and hardworking can achieve whatever he wants to. And my wish for Dane is that he gets anything he has set his mind to.

But I’d love to say a few more things: Dane is a real inspiration. To me, and to many other fans as well. Despite his talent and success he remains this humble person, loyal to his family and close friends. We all know him as an actor, yet he is also a great husband, son, brother and a friend. I also find it inspiring how intelligent, thoughtful and truthful Dane is in his interviews, or whenever he answers any kinds of questions.

Once again, I do hope that Dane’s journey to success brings him only joy and happiness. I am so thankful and lucky to be running this fansite and to be able to express my respect and admiration to this young man.

Like I’ve said above, this day is not only special to Dane and his family, but of course it is a unique day for all of Dane’s fans. And because of that I want to give something to fans. You guys are the best, I’ll never stop repeating that, and I love each of you. Never before have I seen any other fandom full of so many talented, creative and sweet people.

Today I am sharing with you several unseen HQ outtakes from a few of Dane’s great photoshoots:
From left to right: unknown 2011 photoshoot (at a highest demand and my desire to find the original photos from my tumblr and twitter’s icons), more outtakes from 2011 ‘Interview’ photoshoot, and finally a few outtakes from 2015 L’uomo Vogue photoshoot

You guys know that I am a real hires stalker, so I’ve also replaced the below photos with their UHQ versions (before we had them in large/medium quality):

And since we (fans) also love Dane’s cute and humble side, I am also sharing with you a few of Dane’s private/candids photos from his college days, which I’ve collected throughout months of browsing the web, but been too busy to actually upload: