IMPORTANT: Sign the petition to make “Young Americans” with Dane DeHaan & Daniel Radcliffe by John Krokidas happen

We all loved the chemistry Dane and his friend and colleague Daniel Radcliffe had in Kill Your Darlings directed by John Krokidas. Of course having a reunion with these three would be like a dream come true for most of Dane fandom members. So please, lets make it happen. YOU can help us. All you need to do is sign the petition and spread the world about it to get more people sign it as well. Don’t walk away. It takes only a few minutes to sign

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Young Americans [originally titled ‘College Republicans‘] is a film that will reunite actors Dane DeHaan, Daniel Radcliffe and Kill Your Darlingsdirector John Krokidas.

The screenplay, by Wes Jones, topped the 2010 Black List [a list featuring the best un-produced screenplays].

The script is based on a true story from 1973 centred around Karl Rove. Rove, claimed to be played by DeHaan, runs a campaign for national College Republican Chairman. Under the guidance of his campaign manager Lee Atwater, supposedly Radcliffe, Rove’s campaign is far from clean.Their campaign includes a wild road trip intended to drum up support. Despite all the political machinations, however, the focus is really on the friendship between the two, and that’s something that Radcliffe and DeHaan could do a lot with.” [from]

From an interview with Daniel Radcliffe:
“If you had a dream project – if there was a movie of any size or scale – whatever – that you could do, what would it be?”

Radcliffe: “Well at the moment the project that I really want to do is called College Republicans. Hopefully, it would be with myself and Dane DeHaan and John Krokidas who directed Kill Your Darlings. And we’d all sort of get to work together again. So hopefully – at the moment, like that’s my dream project. ‘Cause it’s been up and down for a few years now in terms of if we’re gonna get it done. So, at the moment, that’s my dream” []

Encouraged by John Krokidas via twitter (@krokasaurusrex), we are making this petition to say we would love for this film to get made. We adored Dan, Dane & John’s work in Kill Your Darlings and we very much want to see more from them.