“LIFE” through the eyes of a fan: a review of the movie from Dane-DeHaan.org’s visitor

Our website’s visitor tumblr user gofuckupyourmind got to see “Life” at the Berlinale International 2015 Film Festival. She was very kind to share her review, as well as some of photos of Dane taken by her during the festival. Please read the review below, and don’t forget to check her tumblr page!

I just go to watch the film without any expectations. I just want it to surprise me.
I heard from the film that Robert Pattionson should play the leading role, but after watching it I have to say that Dane plays a similarly important part!
My first thought after hearing that Dane plays James Dean was “Is he he right person to play Dean??”
And after whatching the movie I can say YES HE IS!
It was great! The character is a misunderstood,mysterious, rebellious person. And this is a perfect character for Dane to play! Cause he seems to love it and if we’re honest we love it too.
During the movie you understand more and more why he think like he does and why he acts like he does. You will understand what made James Dean to this icon he is today.
Summing up: If you liked ‘Kill your Darlings’ (I love it!) you have to watch this movie(It’s kind of similar sort of film)! If it come out in your country go to the cinema and watch it! Dane is so fantastic. And you learn more about James Dean and his short life aswell.