Norwich Cathedral – new filming location for the “Tulip Fever”

Norwich Cathedral to be used as a new filming location for Tulip Fever starring Dane DeHaan
Huge thanks to the tumblr user beingrory we have some news on a new Tulip Fever filming location. Please read the info below:
Production staff are due to arrive on Thursday and it is believed they will be working on scenes for the drama Tulip Fever.

The filming at Norwich Cathedral is expected to take place mainly in the cloister. Access to parts of the cathedral may be restricted during the filming but the cathedral will remain open and services will take place as normal.

Nobody from the film was available for comment but a statement on Norwich Cathedral’s website said: “Due to the filming of a period drama, there will be potential disruptions for people visiting the Cathedral Thursday 05 – Wednesday 25 June.

“The filming will predominantly take place in the Cloister, but also includes the Dark Entry, south aisle and Presbytery in the Cathedral. This may restrict access to certain parts of the Cathedral at various times, but the Cathedral will remain open to visitors throughout the filming and services will continue as normal.