‘Reckless’ Anna Wood and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s’ Dane DeHaan enjoy ‘exciting whirlwind’

Dane DeHaan with wife Anna Wood

Marriage to the Green Goblin may be easier if you’re also an actor who knows just what goes into making someone a monster.

The star of CBS’ Southern-set law drama “Reckless” — premiering Sunday, June 29 — Anna Wood is the wife of Dane DeHaan, who just had a big box-office weekend as one of the web-slinger’s prime enemies in the instant-hit movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” While she’s excited about her show, Wood says she was just as thrilled to make recent promotional rounds with her spouse.

“Oh, my gosh, it’s been just the most exciting whirlwind of a month for us,” the former “Mad Men” and “House of Lies” guest star tells Zap2it. “He just went to London to start shooting the movie ‘Tulip Fever,’ and we couldn’t believe it was already time for him to leave. Every day, we’ve had a new thing to do to celebrate all the wonderful opportunities we’ve had.”

Wood’s own film work has been on the order of smaller, independent films, such as director-writer-star Edward Burns’ 2010 comedy “Nice Guy Johnny.” However, she maintains if an “Amazing Spider-Man” came her way, she’d certainly consider it … “especially after seeing what an amazing time” DeHaan had.

“They’re all unique experiences, depending on who you have on board. For this one, I got to do the entire European tour with them, and they couldn’t have been a nicer or more enthusiastic group of people. They totally had their hearts in the right place.”

Woods adds she was “blown away by the amount of charity work, and work with kids, that they did as they went to each different city. If you can keep it as grounded and humble and fun as they did, where do I sign up?”

Source: Zap2It