Scans from french magazines: Dane featured in Télérama & Les Inrocks

Looks like France is showing some love for Dane, which makes me totally happy. Since his visit to Deauville festival he was featured in two french magazines: Télérama & Les Inrocks

Thanks to our friends at Robert Pattinson Life (and especially Verena who was kind to do the scans) we have HQ scans from Les Inrocks with pages that feature Dane. For full magazine feature please head over to their website

I have also added large quality scans from Télérama magazine, which will be replaced with hires versions by tomorrow’s evening. We were all pretty excited about this issue, since Dane is on the cover. But unfortunately looks like there is only Anton Corbijn interview, and the magazine had Dane’s name mentioned only briefly. There are no more photos from the shoot, but there is a colored version of the poster for LIFE.

Make sure to check the scans below. I’ll try to get more photos from the cover shoot, as it looks totally cute, and I am burning from my desire to see more :)

P.S. to watch the interview that Dane did for Télérama magazine check their website HERE