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Dane DeHaan in Life After Beth. Exclusive photos: post mortem featurette and deleted scenes

Photos: “Life After Beth” deleted scenes and Post Mortem featurette

Finally after long time of waiting “Life After Beth” is available for digital download (you can get on iTunes, for example). The Blu-Ray comes out on October 21 (you can already pre-order in on Amazon) for those of you who are in the United States. Please support Dane and this great movie by getting your own copy!

Thanks to my amazing friend Samantha I was able to add screencaptures of the Deleted scenes and The Post Mortem featurette to our gallery. Check out the photos below:

Dane DeHaan: exclusive Life After Beth 2014 promotional photoshoot outtakes (HQ)

HQ photos: “Life After Beth” promotional photoshoot outtakes

I am happy to share with you all a few of new Dane‘s “Life After Beth” promotional photoshoots photos. A few of them have been chosen for the official poster (UK and USA versions), but some are new to us. Dane looks so cute, it may be one of my favorite photoshoots of him. Please check out the HQ photos below. And please, whenever you repost the photos, give credit to, since photos are exclusive to us!

Congratulations to our “Life After Beth” competition winner

First off all, I’d like to say huge thank you to all of you who participated in our competition! We have our winner: Sophie (@KeyotoTheFurry).

Sophie will be soon contacted with further details of how to get her prize pack. By the way, “Life After Beth” is finally available for the lucky UK fans! Make sure to watch the movie and support Dane, you definitely are not going to be disappointed! Also tweet all your thoughts and “Life After Beth” related feelings using #ZombieWednesday hashtag!

Stay with us for more beautiful things and competitions coming in future!

Dane DeHaan - Life After Beth - UK competition: win your price!

“Life After Beth” contest: get a chance to win your prize!

Life after Beth” opens in cinemas this Wednesday (October 1) in the UK. Don’t forget to see it!
While we are anticipating the movie in the UK, is hosting a competition! If you live in the UK you can win a merchandise prize pack. That is definitely a great gift for all Dane fans, so don’t miss your chance to win!

All you have to do is fill in the form below and answer a simple question. I will be getting all your applications until September 30. Then I will randomly pick a winner, and contact him or her via email. The winner will be announced on the site as well! Please remember that only UK residents can win a prize!

Life After Beth: UK competition: Merch packLife After Beth: UK competition: Merch pack

Life After Beth competition:

CONTEST CLOSED! Winner has been announced!

“Life After Beth” will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 21

Dane DeHaan: Life After Beth - Blu Ray date releases available

Life After Beth will arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 21 via Lionsgate. The zom-rom-com is written and directed by Jeff Baena (I Heart Huckabees).

Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation), Dane DeHaan (Chronicle), Molly Shannon (Saturday Night Live), John C. Reilly (Step Brothers), Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Paul Reiser (Aliens), Matthew Gray Gubler (Criminal Minds) and Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) star.

Special features:

  • Audio Commentary with Jeff Baena, Actors Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan and Matthew Gray Gubler
  • “Life After Beth: The Post Mortem” featurette
  • Deleted Scenes

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Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan on Life After Beth and the Rise of Chris Pratt

Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan: interview

Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHaan are possessed of two of the most withering deadpan stares in the business, so they’re perfectly matched in the new film Life After Beth, though the twist is that they both get to play sweet in it. Well, that’sone twist. The other, perhaps more important twist is that this young romance is complicated by the fact that Plaza’s Beth is a zombie, and when she comes back to life, she and DeHaan decide to give their relationship another go. That means he must overlook a few minor things, like her rotting flesh and sudden bursts of super-strong aggression, but hey: We all make compromises in relationships, right? Earlier this month, Plaza and DeHaan sat down with Vulture to discuss how they made it work.

Is it fun to look like a zombie all day?
Aubrey Plaza: My most fun times were driving in the shuttle from the hair-and-makeup trailer to location, because we had to drive in traffic. I would wait for red lights, then pop my head out the window and try to scare the shit out of people.

The makeup doesn’t start to bother you around, like, hour three?
AP: I didn’t mind any of it, actually. It wasn’t that bad. The only thing that sucked was towards the end of the movie, when I’m covered with blood, and fake blood gets sticky, gets in your hair, gets into everything. The blood and the gore was probably the worst part of it, but the zombie makeup and prosthetics were actually cool.

Are people more naturally concerned for you when you’re walking around covered in fake blood?
AP: You know, you’d think they would be. But for some reason, people in L.A. don’t get fazed by anything.

Dane, this is one of the most normal roles I’ve ever seen you play. Is this character much closer to how you really are?
Dane DeHaan: I don’t think I’ve really ever played a character that much like myself. Probably because I’m not very interesting, and a movie about me would be really boring.

AP: It’d just be, like, three hours of you playing golf.

DD: Yeah, exactly.

AP: And being a smartass.

DD: And then taking a nap. But that’s what I love, is playing characters who are different [from] myself, and getting better at acting. I love acting, I’ve always loved acting, and I’ve been really fortunate to get the opportunities to do it with all different kinds of characters. Life After Beth was actually a big departure for me, in terms of it being my first comedy.

Do people not send you many comedies? Are they typecasting you based on your more brooding roles?
DD: I don’t know. I mean, I went from doing a comic-book movie to doing a comedy to doing a James Dean biopic to doing a 17th-century romance, so there’s not really much of a through line in that, I think, except that I’m very fortunate that people keep trusting me with different kinds of films. I think that’s a huge gift. Not only is it a dream come true to work at the level that I get to work at, but I feel like people don’t really see me as one thing or another. They’re just seeing me as an actor, and that’s the goal.

Do you feel like that’s the case for you, Aubrey?
AP: No, I don’t. I think that when you’re on a TV show and you play the same character for seven years, people tend to identify you pretty heavily with that character, and it becomes a challenge to have them see you in a different light. But I like that challenge. It’s fun for me to do things that surprise people, and I always try to do interesting movies for myself. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to keep doing different things. That’s the goal for any actor, I think: You never want to be doing the same thing over and over again.

It’s interesting that the movie begins, really, after Beth has already died. We don’t get to see what their relationship was like pre-zombie — we have to intuit it.
DD: For me, it’s always important to fully flesh out every relationship in a film, so it was important to have an understanding of who Beth was in my life and the history of our relationship and where we were at when she died, absolutely.

AP: It was important for me to just have an idea of who Beth was when she was alive. In terms of their relationship, when we see her come back in the movie, she’s totally in a weird state of amnesia. She’s only remembering select things about their relationship, so I thought a lot about who she was before that. I tried to have a live Beth shine through some of the zombie moments.

Aubrey, your boyfriend Jeff Baena directed the film. Is it weird to discuss with your real boyfriend who should play your fake boyfriend?
AP: It was actually fun casting the movie and talking about who could play those parts. Dane and I have the same manager and the same agent, and he’s such a good actor that it was kind of a no-brainer.

Had you two met before Dane came onboard this film?
DD: Very, very, very briefly.

Was it at some party where it was like, “You’re famous, I’m famous. Let’s talk to each other!”
AP: We met at Jeff’s apartment, where I was living, I guess?
DD: I think that is what Aubrey said to me. “You’re famous …”
AP: “… I’m famous.”
DD: And then she walked away.

Aubrey, you’ve said that you don’t tend to discuss work with Jeff, but you kind of had to for this movie. Has that gone back to normal yet?
AP: Not yet, because we’ve kept talking about it: I’ve gone through the entire process of making the movie with him, and it’s been a really big part of my year. But it’s been interesting to see a movie go from the very beginning stages to the very end, with all of the weird steps in between. I went to film school — the same one that Jeff went to — and I’m really interested in writing stuff, so it was actually a really great learning process for me to watch all this and go through it.

Are you writing something now?
AP: I’m always writing something, but I have one project, a television project, that I’m working on now. And hopefully, I’ll get to direct it.

Dane, are you interested in writing and directing, too?
DD: Uhhh, nope. [Laughs.] I’m really terrified to write, and I just really love acting, so while people will continue to let me act, I’ll just stick with that.

Aubrey, what accounts for your sudden proximity to superheroes and supervillains? Dane played the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, your Parks and Rec co-star Chris Pratt is starring inGuardians of the Galaxy, you have a movie coming up with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie from Captain America 
AP: How do you know all that?

I do my research.
AP: Oh, okay. Well, I think it’s just obvious that I need to be a superhero. Or a supervillain. I’m waiting for my chance, and I want it now.

It must be fun to see how Chris Pratt has blown up over the last month.
AP: The cast of Parks and Rec, we all know how brilliant he is, and it’s just nice to see the world [be] let in on the secret of Chris Pratt. I went to the premiere, and it was un-fucking-believable how huge that premiere was. I’ve never seen anything like it. The movie’s gigantic, it made something crazy, like $100 million, its first weekend … it’s really cool.

Is it weird that now people are digging up his old yearbook photos and asking if he’s the new Jennifer Lawrence?
AP: Is that what’s happening?

Yeah. We’re at peak Pratt right now.
AP: That’s cool. Is that weird for me? No, because I don’t have anything to do with it. But I think it’s great.

Photos: “Life After Beth” screening during Sundance NEXT FEST

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 08: Actors Dane DeHaan and Anna Wood attend the screening of Life After Beth with Father John Misty in concert during Sundance NEXT FEST at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on August 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

Dane and Anna attended the screening of ‘Life After Beth’ with Father John Misty in concert during Sundance NEXT FEST at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on August 8, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. Among other guests there were Dane’s co-stars Aubrey Plaza, Matthew Gray Gubler, Molly Shannon and writer/director Jeff Baena. Check out amazing hq photos in our gallery:

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