Meet the staff is currently run by founder/webmiss Tania. The website is not about me, and I feel like I don’t really deserve that much of a mention, but maybe some of you would find it interesting to learn a few things about me.

Name : Tania
Gender : Female
Age : 24 Years Old
Status : Founder
City : Moscow (Russia)
Occupation : Computer science graduate, Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Hobbies : Fitness, Healthy lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Literature, Websites, Coding & programming, Photos, Music, Friends…
Favorite music : rhythm & blues (especially old school and 90′s vibe), rap, soul, neo-soul
Favorite Dane rolde : Oh my, it’s complicated. Dane is incredible in every role, even the tiniest. I absolutely adore him as Jesse, I LOVE his heartbreaking performance in The Place Beyond the Pines. BUT, if I had to choose I would go with the role of Lucien in “Kill Your Darlings“. Maybe because it made me fall in love with Dane, it feels so special to me. I do find Dane’s performance there genius.